Closed Saturday 14th May

Flower Care

Make sure you get the absolute best from your fresh cut flowers by following the below steps when you get your beautiful bouquet home.

  1. Fill a vase with lukewarm water, adding a splash of house hold bleach to help keep the water clean.
  2. Carefully remove the flowers from the wrap or sleeves they have been delivered in, your flowers need some room to breathe.
  3. Remove any foliage which would be submerged under the water, this will help to keep the water clear and clean for longer.
  4. Using a sharp knife or scissors - make an angled cut about 3.5cm off the stem ends. This exposes a fresh part of the stem allowing the stem to absorb water.
  5. Arrange your flowers as desired and place in a cool position away from draughts, sun and fruit.
  6. Repeat above steps every 3-4 days to extend the life of your bouquet.