Philodendron Birkin

Philodendron Birkin

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You just gotta have one… a beautiful plant which develops variegated pin-stripe lines down it's mature leaves. The growth habits of this plant create a compact plant with an estimated growth of 50-100cm in height, although this is yet to be confirmed.    

  • Habitat: Medium growth rate. White lines will develop with age.
  • Light: Bright to moderate, indirect light.
  • Water: Keep moist, but allow to dry out a little before watering again.
  • Soil: Will be happy in a bark/peat based soil which retains moisture, but does not hold water.
  • Fertiliser: Every 2-4 Months or during growth periods.

If this is not for your plant collection let us know and we will gift bag or box it in Savvie style.


Size 14cm potted plant.